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It has now been a few years since Instagram kick started the ‘Acai Craze’ but it has never been more popular than it is today.

Known as a Superfood, there’s a reason why health and nutrition experts the world over recommend Açai berries as a big part of your daily diet. Super nutritious (loaded with antioxidants, fiber, fatty acids, amino acids, and essential vitamins and minerals), it doesn’t hurt that Açai berries are also delicious!

The trouble for café and restaurant owners has often been finding a reliable supplier offering the highest quality Acai products.

Well, when you decide to order your bulk frozen Açai berry purée directly from us here at Purple Foods (one quick call to Adam can have in order ironed out ASAP) you never have to worry about either of those issues!

​To see how Purple Foods can help you supply frozen acai, call Adam 0411 512 426 or shoot an email to


What is Frozen Acai Puree?

acai packOne of the things that helps make our frozen Açai purée different from all the other options out there is that we only use the very best Açai berries available (from a variety of different quality sources around the world).

Everything starts with the most perfect Açai berries we can get our hands on. There are stringent quality control standards in place to ensure that each and every one of these berries meets the standards that allow our customers and clients to enjoy real consistency and a the vibrant purple colour with the Açai frozen berry pulp we provide.

There are varying qualities of Acai available for sale, which depend on the Acai versus water content of the product. The Brazilian Department of Agriculture have applied a grading system, to make this as transparent as possible. At Purple Foods we only use Grade A ‘Especial’ Acai. Many of the other leading brands will use lower grades of Acai.


Where Can I Buy Bulk Frozen Acai Packs in Australia?

Our bulk frozen Acai purée packs were created out of the demand that our clients and partners were coming to us with over the last 10 years.

Many of them were having a tough time tracking down larger quantities of high quality Açai berry purée to use at scale. A lot of our chefs and café owners were shopping at Woolworths and Coles multiple times each week to get their hands on enough Açai to meet their business needs – and paying a lot more because these products weren’t available in high-level bulk options.

We made a number of strategic changes to our supply lines, were able to ramp up production considerably, and now are one of a select few wholesalers in Australia that can deliver bulk quantities of Açai berry purée (as well as a number of other superfood products) pretty much on demand.

Purple Foods sells:

  • Premium Blend Acai Pure 100g Sachets Foodservice 6kg Carton
  • Premium Blend Acai Pure 100g Sachets Retail 5.6kg Carton
  • Premium Blend Acai Pure 180Kg Drums
  • Premium Blend Acai Pure 18Kg Pails
  • Premium Blend Acai Sweetened 100g Sachets Foodservice 6kg Carton
  • Premium Blend Acai Sweetened 100g Sachets Retail 5.6kg Carton
  • Acai Scoopable (Sorbet)
  • Acai For Soft Serve / Frozen Yoghurt Machines

To see how Purple Foods can help you supply frozen acai, call Adam 0411 512 426 or shoot an email to

What Can Your Cafe or Restaurant Make with Frozen Acai?

Not only are Açai berries a perfect option for those that run healthy menu cafés or restaurants (they work wonders as a backbone in pretty much every smoothie recipe you can imagine), but you can also make a number of other fun little treats – depending on how creative you want to get.

The most popular use though is of course the Acai Smoothie Bowl – and we can teach you how to make the perfect one below!

The versatility of Açai makes it perfect for popsicles in the summertime, whilst baked Açai berry tarts and treats are pretty popular in the winter, and you’ll never feel like our frozen Açai berry purée is holding back the creativity in your kitchens.


How to Make a Simple Acai Bowl

Of course, you can always keep things very simple and very focused at your cafe or restaurant by making a simple Açai bowl – it’s always a big hit!

The basic Açai bowl is perfect for breakfast or a quick healthy snack, though it is delicious enough to even be used as a nice dessert or treat at the end of the day – especially if you are dealing with cravings or a bit of a sweet tooth.

200g ( 2 X 100g Smoothie Pouches) of frozen Açai berries, a small amount of liquid to help blend, coconut water always works well, a small frozen banana, and a half of a cup of strawberries with another half a cup of blueberries (frozen or fresh) are all you need to put this fun little treat together.

Add all these items in a blender and then blend everything at high speed until it is perfectly smooth and you are good to go! You want it to come out like a thick cake mix.

You can always top with a little bit of granola, some fresh fruit, chai seeds, or even a little bit of coconut if you want to take things to the next level!


How is Frozen Acai Made?

​​​​Since 2009, when we first recognised the explosion in demand for super foods like Açai Berries here in Australia, we’ve been providing companies such as PFD Food Services, BidFoods, Coles Local, Top Juice, Green Cup and more with nothing but the highest quality frozen Açai purée for all of their treats and smoothies.

Each and every one of our frozen Açai purée products are sourced from only the highest quality berries available internationally, berries that are carefully selected and go through a rigorous quality control program to make sure that they are (quite literally) nothing but the best of the best.

After that, these berries are pulped, processed and frozen often within 24 hours of being picked.

The Açai purée is flash frozen to guarantee freshness as these berries are cultivated at the peak of their harvesting season.


Can Frozen Acai Go Bad?

Fresh Açai berries have a very short shelf life due to their highly perishable nature, which is why they are unavailable outside the harvest areas.

With frozen Açai berry purées (like our own, for example) you get a dramatically extended shelf life – with all the nutritional properties this superfood has to offer as well.

Our frozen purée options have a shelf life of at least eighteen months from harvest, though the odds are pretty good that demand will be so high for Açai berry dishes with this frozen component that you’ll never have to wait around that long to see this expiration date.

If you’d like a little more information about how our Açai berry purées are put together, how they are sourced, and what they may be able to offer your business – or if you’d like to place a wholesale order directly – don’t hesitate to get in touch.​

To do so, shoot Adam an email over at or make a phone call at 0411 512 426.